When Do You Recommend I Re-String My Tennis Racket?

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You asked, “When Do You recommend I Re-String My Tennis Racket?”  Believe it or not, when to restring actually depends more on your skill level than how often you play on the courts.

Old School: Restring the same number of times a year as you play in one week.


Here at Zoe Alexander we define the beginner as someone who is brand new to the game and taking lessons once a month, possibly even hitting a few times during this period. For them, we would recommend re-stringing every three months. While you won’t break your strings, the tension of your strings will change dramatically in that time. Your strings begin losing tension (loosen) the moment your racket is taken off the stringing machine. So, we strongly recommend you re-string your racket every three months to keep your string tension as consistent as possible, giving you a much better learning and playing experience.


An intermediate player is someone who’s been playing for a few years now and is taking their tennis a bit more seriously. Assuming you’re willing to spend some money on your equipment, we would recommend to this player to re-string their racket once every 4 weeks. One thing is for certain, if you’re playing in leagues or starting to play a few tournaments, it’s important to maintain your strings’ tension for consistent performance as you start to compete at a higher level.


We consider advanced players either those training full-time for match play (junior tournaments, college tennis, etc.) or those who trained this frequently at one time in their life. The best rule of thumb we have for those training 4-7 days a week is “re-string when you break”.

Most advanced players playing this frequently will break a string every week or two, so no need to re-string until you break unless you have an important tournament coming up, in which case you should have fresh strings in all your rackets. For advanced players who no longer play this frequently, it’s better to  restring your racket as often as possible. If you’re playing once a week or once a month, you know consistent equipment will give you the best playing experience any time you’re able to hit a few balls.

What’s Your Rule of Thumb?

Please share with us your experience with rackets. Whose brand do you prefer and which string is your favourite? Do you have your own Stringing Machine? So, when should I re-string my tennis racket?

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