What Clothes Are Best For Kids To Wear To Tennis?

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It’s the question most parents ask when their children start playing tennis. Here is some advice for you from Zoe Alexander.

Comfortable, Well Fitting Tennis Clothes Are Best

It’s the biggest challenge all parents face when their child picks up a tennis racket for the first sign and shows promise of being the next Grand Slam Champion! Ok, so he or she has shown an interest in this fabulous sport. You’ve found your local club or Tennis venue, you know when to go, but you haven’t a clue what they should wear! What clothes are best for kids to wear to tennis?

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Is there a Dress Code for Tennis?

Generally, there is not a strict dress code for tennis matches, though it often depends on the tournament or location. For the most part, players are simply required to wear a shirt, some kind of shorts, leggings, or skirt and tennis shoes. So what is best for kids to wear to tennis.

Here at Zoe Alexander we cover all levels of tennis junior from absolute beginner to international players. The important factors to consider for the player are:

  • Comfort of fit
  • Colour choice – this is personal but will influence how they play in front of other kids
  • Garment type – dress, top, leggings, outfit, shorts, tee – personal preference
  • Age and Gender of player

A player needs to concentrate fully on the task in hand so he/she doesn’t want to be distracted by itchy, scratchy clothing that digs in to the skin! A soft second skin is what we offer all our boys and girls with a comfortable fit for their figure. We have carefully selected a high quality breathable cotton/elastance fabric for close to their skin and high performance stretch synthetic fabrics for skirt outers and leggings that are both comfortable and suitable for all levels of player.

Kids generally love bright colours or a sense of good colour balance of the clothing from head to toe, especially when it matches their racket or shoes! All of them want to feel like mini versions of their favourite tennis stars! Zoe Alexander kids are Born to Stand Out! They love being the focus of attention from coaches and parents alike so we offer bright and bold!

Both boys and girls can choose from a wide range of designs, colours and garment types here at Zoe Alexander. We cater for children aged 4 to 12 years and regularly work with parents for their kids bespoke collections, to feel truly unique when they step out onto the court. Our collections allow kids to build a complementary wardrobe in certain ranges to cover every aspect of training and tournaments.

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What’s Your Favourite Zoe Alexander Tennis Garment?

Do you have a preferred colour? Which collection is your favourite? Let us know in the Comments box below. May be you have your own suggestions for a new collection? So don’t delay, get in touch and who knows, maybe you’ll end up collaborating in a new collection that has your name!!!

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